Why choose Imonggo?
Since 2010, Imonggo has been helping SME retailers in 170 different countries globally.
Imonggo is a web-based, easy-to-use POS that enables you to operate, record, track, and manage your sales and inventory, from 1 to 100 branches.
Imonggo gives you powerful inventory management, sales management, and business analysis tools that are very simple to use without any setup required. It also provides additional functions that are very useful for business - customer reward points, offline and mobile sales, and business intelligence.
Customer Stories
These businesses are using Imonggo to improve their communities and the world around them.
A noble vision lives on to become a legacy when generous people work hard to make it happen. Morten Jorgensen, director of Terrariet, tells the story of how their little reptile zoo in Denmark brings people closer to nature every day.
Fresh Grocer
The small business from Zimbabwe had to quickly pivot from B2B into B2C. From B2B to B2C, Imonggo was there to help! Now, Fresh Grocer delivers fresh produce from organic farms straight to the table of consumers.
Photo Nursery
Jeff Secrease uses Imonggo to monitor the sales and payments of his photography business that operates in four locations. Jeff trusts Imonggo to help Photo Nursery stay on track, he finds Imonggo to be easy to use for his business.
A U.S. church boutique needs a simple no-frills point-of-sale for its elderly staff. Imonggo delivers.
AREA is a small wholesale/retail modern bedding company selling bedding, furniture, home-wares, and clothing. The New York-based store has been using Imonggo in 2010.
Cayotic Motorsports
Mark Cummings has chosen Imonggo’s iPad app to help run Cayotic, a cool motorsports store in the Cayman Islands, and he stands by how effective it is.
Easy-to-use POS
Transact customer orders faster.
Have accurate inventory all the time.
Access business reports anytime, anywhere.
Imonggo celebrates its 12th year of offering a free and easy-to-use POS.
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