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Why is Imonggo the trusted POS for small family businesses?

Imonggo is optimized to make your operations as simple as possible so you spend less time with your business and more time with what matters most

Sell even more than before

Imonggo point-of-sale saves you time by making selling fast and easy

Accurate inventory anytime

Automatically counts your stock so you spend less time in your stockroom

Convenient business reports

Cloud-based so you can monitor your sales in the comfort of your own home
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Sell your products online and reach more customers

Imonggo’s new Ecommerce module will let you take orders online

Learn more about Imonggo Ecommerce
Learn more about Imonggo Ecommerce

Small businesses love Imonggo

A few testimonials from thousands of businesses that use Imonggo in 140 cities worldwide

Slide Testimonials

“I go back to the really simple apps. I think that’s probably the influence that made me say to everyone that we’ll be using Imonggo for the foreseeable future, just the simplicity and elegance.”

Read More Komborerai Murimba, owner Fresh Grocer, a fresh produce store in Zimbabwe
Slide Testimonials

“Imonggo has been a contributor to making everyday life in Terrariet very easy and in making the zoo a success. We are more than pleased with our choice of POS.”

Read More Morten Jorgensen, director Terrariet, a reptile zoo and souvenir shop in Denmark
Slide Testimonials

"Most of the other systems are too locked down or complicated. You certainly don’t need a manual to use Imonggo, as the interface is very intuitive."

Read More Sam Cox, owner Hummingbird Nightwear from Indonesia
Slide Testimonials

“Imonggo gives me complete power over the sales and back hand management of these stocks even if I’m physically not present at the store.”

Read More Sohail Iqbal, owner The Collectorz, a school supply store in Pakistan
Slide Testimonials

"If my photographers have a problem, I can log in to Imonggo, on my side and see what they may be having issues with. I can log in and help their branch."

Read More Jeff Secrease, owner Photo Nursery, a photography company in California and Florida


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  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Transaction Lines
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Sales Analysis
  • Customer Support
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Built-In Ecommerce Site

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