Underneath its simple interface, Imonggo has powerful features built for real businesses.

Imonggo fits any business. Whether you are a single user with a small kiosk, or the owner of retail chains; whether you have less than a hundred or several thousands of items, Imonggo is for you. Are you ready to grow your business to hundreds of stores? With the help of Imonggo, we are confident that you can.



Imonggo’s Stockroom is simple and intuitive, you don’t need to read a manual to manage your products.

πŸ“Š  Track Sales Data
View Quantity, Stock History, Cost History, and Price History with one click.

πŸ”  Intuitive Search
Find your products faster by typing the product name, stock number, barcode, or description in the search bar.

πŸ“€  Upload Items
Easily add your products to the Stockroom by uploading a CSV file.

πŸ“₯  Download Inventory
The download option lets you save a backup of your inventory.

🏷  Sort by Tags
Add as many tags to your items for easy search and sorting.


πŸ›  Effortless Selling
Selling in Imonggo is as easy as ABC. Simply create your products and start selling!

πŸ“ˆ  Smart Tax Management
Choose between inclusive or exclusive, single or multiple, branch-specific or item-specific taxes.

πŸ“‘  Work Offline
Process sales offline and work efficiently even when there is no internet connection.

⚑️  Advanced Functions
Open Price, Split Payments, Layaways, Reward Points, Round Off Decimals — the list goes on and on!

🏷  Branch Pricing
Set a different pricing scheme for every branch of your store.

πŸ“‘  Customized Receipts
Refashion receipts by adding your business information or translating the content to your preferred language.

πŸ’Œ   E-mail Receipts
E-mail receipts automatically to customers to save on printing costs.


πŸ“ˆ  Analyze Sales Data
Your sales can be seen in graphs so you can understand it better.

πŸ†  View Top Products
See your store’s bestselling products in any given period.

πŸ•΅  Track Sales by Salesman
Gauge the performance of every salesman in your store by seeing how much each one is selling.

πŸ—ƒ  Sort Data
Narrow down the sales data by time period or product tags

Imonggo for iPad

Just install the app to your iPad and log in using your existing Imonggo account. Imonggo automatically syncs your data so you can sell right away.

User-Friendly Design

Manage and sell items with a single tap. You don’t need a manual to get started.

Offline Feature

Sell items even without internet connection. Get your business running anytime, anywhere.

Receipt Options

Use the AirPrint function to print a receipt, or e-mail receipts directly to customers to save on paper costs.

Interactive Catalog

Use the iPad to show your products to customers. You can pitch your business while you are on the go.

Advanced Features

Customer Membership

Create loyalty groups to give your best customers automatic discounts or points per purchase.

Set Reward Promos

Set up special promotions when a customer buys a specific product.

Add Service Type

Tag your items as a service so Imonggo will not track its quantity in the Stockroom. This is useful for services like repairs or gift-wrapping.