Imonggo has everything you need to manage your store.

Inventory tracking, sales reporting, customer loyalty, credit card processing and more. It’s all here.


Selling in Imonggo is as easy as ABC. Simply create your products and start selling!


Imonggo’s Stockroom is simple and intuitive. You don’t need to read a manual to manage your products.


Your sales can be seen in graphs so you can understand it better


Imonggo is not just a POS.

There is more to retail than selling. Imonggo can help you do much more.

Customer Membership

Create loyalty groups to give your best customers automatic discounts or points per purchase.

Any industry at any size

Use Imonggo for any type of business—grocery, supermarket, fashion, restaurant, gift shop, pharmacy, bookstore and more. Big or small.

Reliable and scalable

Grow your business from one to 100+ branches quickly and efficiently. Imonggo’s patented cloud technology will not let you down.

Anytime, anywhere

You can access your sales data on your phone by logging onto your account, or using the Sales Dashboard app. Check how your business is doing, even on your vacation.


Powerful yet simple.

We add new features every week so your business can keep up with the newest trends.

Add Service Type

Tag your items as a service so Imonggo will not track its quantity in the Stockroom. This is useful for services like repairs or gift-wrapping.

Set Reward Promos

Set up special promotions when a customer buys a specific product.

Customer Membership

Give instant discounts or points to loyal customers every time they purchase your products.


Starting a business? Use Imonggo for free until you’re ready to expand. You can upgrade to premium anytime.

  • Single User
  • Single Branch
  • 1000 Product Limit
  • 1000 Transaction Lines Per Month
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Sales Analysis
  • Customer Support
$30.00/monthly per branch
  • Multiple Users
  • Offline Selling
  • Unlimited Product Limit
  • Unlimited Transaction Lines Per Month
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Sales Analysis
  • Customer Support
  • Accept Credit Cards
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“I couldn’t be happier with Imonggo. Every time there are some technical issues, their friendly customer service agents reply fast and resolve the problems immediately."
"Having found Imonggo POS early in the development of eye2eye was a god-send for a small start-up business. It has enabled me to keep account of a growing stock range, track sales and have insight to customers buying habits. It also make life a lot easier when preparing my end of year 'Tax Return', for which I am very grateful!"
Eye2eye FairtradeEngland
"But the best thing is - it's so easy. Everyone can do it. We have employees from 15 years of age that use Imonggo without any problem"
Terrariet VissenbjergDenmark

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