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How to turn on receipt printing and modify invoice format

Set how Imonggo prints your invoices.

Steps to turn on receipt printing and modify invoice format

1. Go to Settings. Under the Store category, click the Invoice tab.

2. After that, turn on the Print invoice after sales transaction option to enable printing. Choose between using a regular printer or a POS printer.


3. Then scroll down the until you reach the Format Invoice tab. You can now modify the format of the invoices.


  • You can use placeholders to perform substitutions. Some examples are {company_name}, {branch_name}
  • Basic HTML is allowed.
  • You may upload a logo and display it on top of the receipt. For the best results, use a picture that is approximately 240×100 pixels and less than 64K in size. Note that the accepted formats for the logo are PNG, JPG, GIF.

4. You may also change other settings. These are optional.

5. Once you finalize all the details, click the Save button.

6. Once saved, the details will automatically display when you make an invoice and print the receipt.

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