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Selling basics – Imonggo for iPad

Imonggo’s Store on the iPad app allows you to record sales transactions. You may add customers to the sale, give discounts and print receipts.

Parts of the Store

Parts of the Store

Adding product to a sale

1. Search for the product then tap to add it to the invoice lines.

Add Product

2. Tap the item’s invoice line to edit its properties.

Tap Product

3. Add quantity by tapping the quantity field. Then tap the Apply button.

Add Quantity

Giving Discounts

1. You may give the product a discount by tapping the product line to go to the editing screen. Tap the Discount field and enter a discount.

Discount Product

2. If the Percent discount switch is on, the discount you type will be in percentage. In this case, you are giving a 10 percent discount.

Tick Percent Discount 2

3. If the Percent discount switch is off, the discount you type will be the actual amount. In this case, you are giving a discount worth 10 dollars (or pesos, or whatever your currency is).

Tick Percent Discount

4. Finalize the discount by tapping the Apply button.

Finalize Discount

5. The discount should now show on the product line.

Display Discount

To give an overall discount, just tap the discount button.

Overall discount

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