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How to use WorldPay Terminal with Imonggo

Here’s how to connect your new credit card terminal with your Imonggo POS.

Initial settings

1. Click on the Settings icon to go to your settings.

2. Click on Credit Card Processing.

Gear icon and Credit Card Processing

3. Enable integrated credit card processing.

4. Select WorldPay as your credit card processor.

5. Input your API username and API password.

6. Click Save.

Pairing the Credit Card Terminal

  1. Click on Add Terminal.

2. Fill out the pair card terminal form.

warning-icon-imonggoSerial No. is the serial number of your credit card terminal.

3. Click the Proceed button.

4. You will see the terminal is now listed.

Make a sale with the Worldpay Terminal

1. Click the Store icon to go to your store.

2. Add items to the invoice and click Checkout.

3. Click on credit as the payment type.

4. Make sure to select the correct terminal if there is more than one credit card terminal.

5. Click the Pay button.

6. Tap or insert the credit card into the credit card terminal.

Credit Card Terminal Selling

7. Follow the prompts on the credit card terminal to print the credit card receipt.

printing the credit card receipt

Void a sale made with the Worldpay Terminal

1. Click on the arrow icon to go to your office.

2. Open the invoice to be voided from the invoice list.

3. Click on the orange Refund/Void link under the payment.

4. Click the Void button.

5. Review payment details.

6. Select Terminal.

7. Make sure the credit card terminal is on.

8. Click the Proceed button.

9. The void transaction will run on the credit card terminal and print a receipt.

Refund a sale made with the Worldpay Terminal

1. Open the invoice to be refunded from the invoice list.

2. Click on the orange Refund/Void link under the payment.

3. Click the Refund button.

4. Enter the refund amount.

5. Click the Proceed button.

6. Follow the prompts on the credit card terminal.

7. Receipt will print.

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