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How to create promotions

Create a Promo, Discount, or Sales for a certain period of time to promote your products.

Steps to create promotion

1. Go to Stockroom. Under the PROMOTIONS tab, click the ADD PROMOTION button.

2. Select or fill up all necessary fields such as:

Promotion Name – The name of the promo, sales or discount.

Discount – The amount or percentage deducted from the normal selling price of the product.

Start Date & End Date – The duration of the promo, sales or discount.

Remarks (optional) – Description of the promotion name.

Status Active or Inactive.

3. You can also choose All Products or By Tags under the Applies To label for the scope of the promotion.

All Products – The promotion applies to all of the products.

By Tags – The promotion only applies to the selected tags.


5. Once you have finalized all the details, click the Save button.

6. All saved Promotion will be displayed inĀ Stockroom > PROMOTIONS.

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