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How to record inventory changes in Imonggo via transactions

The Stockroom Transactions page lets you record inventory changes in different ways. You may increase or decrease the quantity of the product here.

Steps to record inventory transaction

1. Go to Stockroom. Then, under Adjustments tab click the NEW TRANSACTION button.

Adjustments tab

2. After that, a pop-up window will appear. Choose the Transaction you want.

  • Receive from Supplier – Records all the product received from the supplier (increases inventory)
  • Return to Supplier – Records all the product returned to the supplier (decreases inventory)
  • Adjustment In – Records any adjustment that increases the quantity of the product (increases inventory)
  • Adjustment Out – Records any adjustment that decreases the quantity of the product (decreases inventory)
  • Physical Count – Records the actual count of your inventory
  • Transfer Out – Records any transfer of stock to another branch

Click any of the transactions above to learn more.

warning-icon-imonggoThe Transfer Out transaction is only available when there are two or more branches.

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