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How to print barcodes or price tags

You may use Imonggo to print your barcodes, price tags or product labels using a regular printer or a Dymo Labelwriter.

Steps to print a barcode or a price tag

1. Go to Stockroom > Products then press the PRINT PRICE TAGS button.


2. You will now be directed to the PRICE TAG tab. Enter the stock number or the barcode of the product, you can also enter multiple barcodes for faster printing.


3. Press the plus button for each product to review the barcode


4. Once done, click the PRINT button. It will now print all the barcodes you selected.

warning-icon-imonggoYou can use a regular printer to print the barcode labels above. Want to use a barcode printer instead? The Dymo Labelwriter 450 integrates well with Imonggo. Here’s how to set it up: Barcode Printing with Dymo Labelwriter 450

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