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How to set up General Ecommerce Settings

Change your online store details and get your store’s QR code.

Steps to set up General Ecommerce Settings

1. Go to ECommerce then go to Settings > General. The Settings page should immediately show you the URL of your new ecommerce store, now live. Click it to open it onto a new tab or window.

You can also save the QR code. Print it and display it in your store to promote your new online store to your customers.

2. Scroll down to change other information about your Store.

  • Store Name – The name of your business that your customer will see
  • Mail from Address – The sender email of the purchase confirmation that your customers receive in their email
  • Default Currency – Optionally set the default currency that should be used throughout the current store. When you set a default currency for a store, note that you need to provide prices for each product in that currency. Any product can have multiple prices associated with it
  • Store Logo – You can upload your logo here and it will appear in the online store.

3. Scroll down further to see the invoices setting.

warning-icon-imonggoContinue to set up Zones.

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