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How to manage orders and shippping

First let’s look at the parts of Imonggo Ecommerce’s Order Management.

Parts of Order Management


You can view the list of items in the order here. Click the edit button lets you change the quantity of the item.


You can view the details of the customer here. You can even edit the address.


Here you can see the payments that the customer has entered during the online purchase.


You can view the shipping details here. Click the Resend button on top-right will email the details to the customer.


Here you can view the list of additional fees on the order, including tax. You can remove them or add new ones.

Cancel Items

Here you can remove items on the order. You can do this for items that are out-of-stock.

Steps to manage orders

  1. To view your orders, just go to Online Orders on the Ecommerce module.

Click any order to view its details.

2. You shall see all the details of the order first because it will automatically open on the Shipment tab.

Review the details and then click the Approve button on the upper right.

3. Once it is approved, you shall see the approval details on the order information.

4. To ship the item, you first have to approve the payment. Go to the Payments tab and click the checkmark on the payment line.

5. After that, go to the Shipments tab to see that the Ship button has appeared. Click it to finalize shipping and release the item to the customer.

6. Clicking the Ship button will also create an invoice in the branch related to your Ecommerce module.

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