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How to edit products on your Ecommerce Store

Edit the products to add categories, specifications and even currency prices.

Steps to edit products on your Ecommerce Store

1. Go to Ecommerce > Products. Find the product you want to add and edit it by clicking the name.

2. You may edit the following fields under Product Details:

  • Product Name – The name of your item
  • Slug – This will appear in the URL when the customer is viewing the product. Please do not use spaces.
  • Available On – When will the item be available for sale on your Online Store? You can input a future date if you don’t want the item to be sold online yet.
  • Categories – Categories help customers find products faster. Learn how to create Categories by clicking here.
  • Tax Code – Choose what taxes will be applied to the product. Leave this blank if you don’t want to charge taxes. Learn how to create Tax Rates and Tax Codes here.
  • Description – This description will be seen by your customers, so you can fill this up to give more information about the product.
  • Product Image – The product’s image has also been synced from the Stockroom, but you can upload a new photo if you want it to be hi-res.

Click Save when you are done.

3. The Pricing section allows you to add multi-currency prices to your product. This is important for stores that sell items across several regions.

To add a new currency and price, just input them in the respective fields and click Save.

4. Lastly, the Specifications section allows you to add product specifications to your product. This will be to the customers on the Online Store.

To input a new specification, just input them in the Property Type and Value fields, then click Save.

This is how it looks like on the Online Store:

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