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How customers can use Imonggo Ecommerce to buy your products

Customers can create their own account for easy checkout.

Steps to buy products from your Ecommerce Store

Send the URL or the QR code of your Ecommerce Store to your customers so they can visit it regularly.

  1. Once the customer is in your Ecommerce Store, they can easily browse or search for the item they want to buy. They have to click the item to see its details.

2. The customer can then click the Add to Cart button.

3. They can then view the Shopping Cart, where they can review the item they just added. They can do the following:

  • Go back to the Online Store by clicking the Continue Shopping button
  • Change the quantity of the items then click the Save Changes button to finalize the changes
  • Or click the Checkout button to go to the Payment pages

4. If the customer is not yet logged in to your Ecommerce Store, they will be asked to input their login details.

  • If they have no account yet, they can click the Create a new account button
  • They can click the Forgot Password? button if they don’t remember their password
  • Or if they don’t want to create an account, they can just enter their email to checkout as a guest

5. The next page should prompt the customer to enter their details. First is the Address.

If the customer logged in with an account, their details can already be pre-filled.

If the customer removes the checkmark, they can add a different shipping address.

The customer can click the Save and Continue button when they’re done.

6. The next page is Delivery. Here, the customer can choose their preferred shipping method that is available to the Zone that corresponds to the address they entered in the previous step. Here’s how you can create shipping methods.

They can also check if there is a tax that is charged to their purchase. The tax also corresponds to the address they entered in the previous step.

7. Once the customer confirms their shipping method, they can choose how to pay for their purchase. Cash is a default payment for customers who choose the pick-up in store option.

For delivery, you can enable the Cash on Delivery option. Or you can enable credit card processing, so your customer can use it to pay.

8. Once the customer chooses a payment method, they will see a screen where they can review their purchase before they finalize it.

The customer can click the Place Order button to finalize the sale.

9. The last page will confirm the whole transaction.

The customer should also receive an email.

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