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How to set up Ecommerce Categories

Categories help customers find items faster. Here’s how to create them.

Steps to set up Ecommerce Categories

Imonggo Ecommerce allows you to create several levels of categories.

You can have a parent category, then a child category. Then any child category can have their own child categories.

For example, if you sell several brands of clothes, you can have the brand as the parent category.

Then the brand can have child categories based on sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

Then each size can have two child categories based on color, black and white.

1. To create the first Parent Category, click the Add Category button.
2. Fill up the fields on the following page.
  • Parent Category – Since this is your first category, you can ignore this for now.
  • Category Name – Input the name of your category.
  • Permalink – This will appear in the URL of the category on the online store. Input one without spaces.
  • Description – ┬áThis is optional, but it is recommended that you fill this up so the customers can get more information about this category.

Then just click the Save button.

3. Click the Add Category button again to make the Child Category.

4. This time you can choose a Parent Category.

Click Save when you’re done.

5. When you create another category you should be able to choose the new Child Category on the Parent Category field.

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