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Vantiv Integrated Payments is Imonggo’s newest EMV-enabled payment gateway partner.

What is EMV?

The increasing number of fraudulent practices recorded in the United States for the past years is an alarming consequence of the convenience of paying with a credit card.

A credit card is a plastic square with a magnetic stripe that has the cardholder’s information. The magnetic stripe is not that secure; swiping the card using a magnetic stripe reader onto a notepad window reveals the information embedded on the stripe, and this information can then be copied, or cloned, to a duplicate card.

The EMV cards are different because they feature a chip in addition to the magnetic stripe. The data in the chip is difficult to crack. During the transaction, the chip generates a code using your credit card information. It is this code that is transmitted through the network and not your sensitive credit card information, and thus, EMV technology has better protection for fraud than previous credit cards.

What can Vantiv do?

Vantiv Integrated Payments protects your business from fraud. Aside from their secure payments processing platform for EMV, it has a merchant protect program for non-EMV transactions.

Founded in 2001, Vantiv‘s remarkable history and service assures peace of mind for its merchants. In depth customer support is always available, 24/7.

Vantiv works with thousands of resellers and developers to offer small and medium size businesses a comprehensive portfolio of integrated payment products and services that help control costs and increase revenue.

Vantiv is offering an incentive program for Imonggo users that are early registrants to their platform. To register, just call 844-372-3678 or visit their website.


Setting up Vantiv‘s EMV system for your Imonggo store?

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