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How to record a sale using Store

Imonggo’s Store page allows you to record sales transactions. You may add customers to the sale, give discounts and print receipts.

Steps to sell a product

1. Click the Store  icon.


2. Click this icon to view all the products you have.


3. You can now see all the products on your list. Choose the product you want to sell.

You can sort the product by All, Popular or any category you want.

4. Click this icon  again to see the invoice lines.

warning-icon-imonggoWant an easier way to find products? You can use the search field on top. Type the stock number or scan the barcode of the product to find the item faster.


5. You may change the quantity or add discounts by editing the corresponding fields in the item line.


6. You may add a customer name by typing the name in the customer field. This is optional.


7. Once you finalize all the details, click the CHECKOUT button to end the transaction.


7. Once done, a new window will appear to complete the payment. Pay using Cash, Credit, Debit or any other payment type.


warning-icon-imonggoImonggo supports Split Payment. This means that you can record payments in two or more payment types, because this may occur in some transactions. For instance, a customer may pay part in cash and part in credit card (in case the credit limit has been reached).

8. Once the payment is complete, you should see a prompt that says Transaction Complete. Choose whether to print the receipt or create a new transaction to skip the printing.

warning-icon-imonggoTo view all your Sales Invoices, please go to Office > Invoice List.