How to Use Transfer Out

Transfer Out is used to record the transfer of inventory from the current branch to another branch. This transaction decreases the inventory of the current branch and creates a pending incoming transfer at the Stockroom of the destination branch.

Steps on how to create a Transfer Out transactions

1. Click the Stockroom icon. Then under Adjustments tab, click the NEW TRANSACTION button.

Adjustments tab

2. After that, a pop-up window will appeared. Choose the Transfer Out transaction.

3. Once done, click the CREATE button.

4. Once clicked, a new window will appear. Select this icon  or Enter Product Stock Number to add the product you want to transfer to other branches.

select product to transfer outYou can also add more Quantity or even a Discount to the product on the list.

warning-icon-imonggoYou should already have a product created before you can record the inventory transaction. Click How to Create Product for more info.

5. Once done, select the name of the branch that will receive the products being transferred.

Choose the other branch


  • Reference is optional. You can use this text box to enter a reference number.
  • Remark is optional. You can use this text box to record any additional information.

6. Once you finalize all the details, click the CHECKOUT button to transfer out and save the transaction.

select checkout in transfer out

Accepting the Transfer Out transaction in the receiving branch

1. To accept the transfer out product. Login to the other branch, select the Stockroom logo and go to the INCOMING tab.

  Under this tab you will see all incoming transaction that came from other branches.

8. Click each transaction to view the products that transfer to your branch. Once done, click the RECEIVE button to receive all the transfer products.

9. Once done, the quantity of the product received will increased and be displayed under the INVENTORY tab.

display inventory in transfer out

The transaction made will also be displayed under TRANSACTION tab.

display transaction of the transfer product