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Imonggo for iPad Hardware Setup 

You may use the Imonggo for iPad app without any hardware. But if you prefer to print receipts, store money in a cash drawer, or scan barcodes, you might want to read this article to know how to start.

Here are the hardware that you can use with Imonggo for iPad

Apple iPad
POS Printer
Cash Drawer
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


1. Unpack all the Hardware.

unpack hardware

2. Attach the iPad to the Heckler Windfall case.

attach heckler windfall case

3. Connect cash drawer to printer using the RJ11 Cable.

4. Turn on the printer, add the paper inside.

turn on printer

5. Turn on the iPad.

turn on iPad

6. The Star printer should automatically be paired to the printer once you turned on the printer.

printer connected to iPad

7. Connect the iPad to the WiFi.

Once done, you can now use the Imonggo app together with the printer and cash drawer.

If the printer is not connecting, please try the following steps below:

1. Turn off the printer.

2. Using a narrow pointed object, press and hold the RST button on the back of the printer.

RST button

3. Turn on the printer, while continuing to hold RST for at least 8 seconds. The POWER and ERROR lights on the front of the printer should flash.

  •  A. Wait for 12 seconds. POWER and ERROR should stop flashing. If they continue to flashpast 12 seconds, do steps 1 to 3 again.
  •  B. If POWER and ERROR stop flashing within12 seconds of releasing RST, the reset was successful. Turn off the printer to finalize the reset.

flash RST

4. Go to the iPad’s Bluetooth Settings and remove it from the list of paired devices by tapping on the i button beside Star Micronics.

star micronics settings

5. Then tap Forget This Device.

forget this device.

6. Then go back to the printer. Turn it on, then press the Pair button at the back for about 8 seconds or until the LED light blinks green.

pair the printer again

7. Once it blinks green, you should be able to see Star Micronics listed under Other Devices on the
iPad’s Bluetooth Settings. Tap on it to pair.

connect star micronics

Done! The printer has been paired.

sucessfully connected

If you are in the Philippines, please follow the steps below for BIR compliance.

1. Add the details of your BIR decal and PTUSM to the Imonggo iPad app’s settings. This is required to be done before you print one receipt.

BIR iPad settings

2. Attach the BIR decal and PTUSM on the iPad or the Windfall case. BIR rules also state that you should do this, so please do not miss this step.

attach BIR decal and PTUSM

Once done, you can now use your POS machine and make an invoices.