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Imonggo point-of-sale saves you time by making selling fast and easy. Use your own computer or sell via our iPad app.

Web-Based Point of Sale

Easy to use POS on your browser. Sell items by using barcodes or do a name or category (tag search). Apply overall or line discounts, add customers for loyalty, accept different currencies or even use split payments, then print a receipt. Selling has never been easier.

Customer loyalty

Convince customers to buy more by giving them automatic discounts or allowing them to earn points per purchase.

iPad Point of Sale

A convenient point of sale on the iPad. Free for small stores. Add items by a simple tap, and checkout in only a few steps. Credit card processing and printer integration available.

Credit Card Processing

The integration with Vantiv lets you accept credit card payments in the United States. Available for the web-based point of sale and the iPad app.

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