Accurate inventory anytime

Imonggo point-of-sale automatically maintains your inventory so you spend less time manually counting in your stockroom.

Product Management

Create products easily, or edit them quickly. Add the product name, item price, cost, description and more. You may even sort them by categories through tags.

Inventory Summary 

See your inventory’s total cost, total on hand quantity and the out of stock count. What items are over-stocked and under-stocked? Make better decisions by knowing this information.

Receive, Adjustments and Physical Count

Use easy to remember transaction types to adjust your inventory. Receive your products from your supplier, or do internal Adjustments. Or do a regular Physical Count to keep your stock in check.

Mobile Inventory App

Conveniently adjust your inventory using our inventory control app for your phone. Coming very soon.

Small businesses trust Imonggo for their inventory

How do small businesses use Imonggo to manage their stock?

Slide Testimonials

“We wanted a system that could handle our products in a simple way as we are a small business with a single retail outlet and multiple online channels."

Read More Sam Cox, owner Hummingbird Nightwear from Indonesia thinks Imonggo is a simple way to manage their stock
Slide Testimonials

“Imonggo has not only made managing my stocks quite easy and believe me its not that easy as it sounds. There are almost 3000+ items in my store."

Read More Sohail Iqbal, owner The Collectorz, a school supply store in Pakistan, thanks Imonggo for fixing their messy inventory

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