POS for family businesses
Sell on-site or online, track inventory, access real-time reports, and check your business performance - all with Imonggo.
Sell even more than before
Imonggo point-of-sale lets you log your transaction quickly using a regular computer or an iPad - so you have more time to engage with your customers.
Generate real-time inventory view
Automatically keep track of your inventory so you can properly plan for stock replenishment.
Easily access your reports
Your data is stored in the cloud - which means you can access your data anytime, anywhere using a normal computer or via Imonggo's Dashboard mobile apps.
Sell your products online easily with Imonggo
Reach your customers faster with Imonggo's built-in e-commerce site. Now your in-store transactions are now combined with your online sales.
Easy-to-use POS
Transact customer orders faster.
Have accurate inventory all the time.
Access business reports anytime, anywhere.
Imonggo celebrates its 12th year of offering a free and easy-to-use POS.
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