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The Town Clerk of Chelmsford, Massachusetts

What’s one sure-fire way to bring an old town to the future? Use good and reliable technology.


The Town of Chelmsford in Massachusetts was incorporated in 1655, with the Town Clerk being one of the first designated positions within the chartered colonial town government. Over 360 years later, the Town Clerk still provides the same administrative services, such as certified copies of births, marriages, and deaths.

The Clerk’s Office also provides the following functions for Chelmsford’s citizens: business certificates, dog licenses, kennel licenses, raffle permits, gas storage permits, certified copies of town records, zoning bylaws, zoning maps, street listings, voter lists and many other products and services.

Meeting the demand

All of these requirements make the Clerk work overtime to meet with the demand. This is why they need a dependable partner so that they can keep up.

This is where Imonggo comes in. The cloud-based point-of-sale’s sales management system lets them keep track of every transaction accurately and in real-time.

Onorina Maloney, the Town Clerk, raved about Imonggo in a written statement. “Imonggo brought the Town Clerk’s financial transactions into the 21st century. Sales are tendered quickly and there was no need to purchase any new hardware while upgrading to Imonggo,” she said.

She added, “Daily sales are tracked and monitored simply and transparently. We look forward to using detailed graphs and charts to display our sales records for many years.”

Maloney also liked how Imonggo can save resources. “Now we can email receipts to our customers, saving taxpayers’ dollars by reducing the number of paper receipts generated in the office.”

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