Customer Stories

The Collectorz

“My name is Sohail Iqbal and my business is basically about everything related to schools. From selling uniforms, school books, stationery, school bags, water bottles, lunch boxes and novels I have a complete variety of basic school going needs for students at my store named The Collectorz.

The Collectorz: from factory to retail

“My business started back in 2004 when I only had a factory for solely manufacturing school uniforms but soon enough in 2007 my interest grew in making a store and direct dealing with customers. I now had the added benefit of self-manufacture and direct sales at my store which more or less doubled my profits.

Problems and inconveniences

“Into two years of sales I had great difficulty managing the stocks and everyday sales. Worst thing was that I could not even keep a close enough count on the winter and summer uniform stocks I had. Basically in uniforms there are major sales in the start-summer and start-winter time period.

“During that time there was even mistake in making customer bills and at the end of the day my 5 team-sales-person did not even have enough strength to count the remaining stocks and it was not that straight forward because sometimes customers need a change in uniform sizes which we did not count in the stocks i.e subtract the old and add the new size. This is where Imonggo came in.

How Imonggo helped

“There were many local sales software which had basic sales requirements but when I searched on the internet and found one of the top sales software “Imonggo” and how it had an online sales feature by which I could see my complete store sales even in detail anywhere in the world I had no second thoughts about owning it. I have loved it ever since I started using it in 2012 up to the present date.

“Imonggo has not only made managing my stocks quite easy and believe me its not that easy as it sounds. There are almost 3000+ items in my store, small and large, and everything is now managed completely. I already know when and what amount to start manufacturing before a stock becomes short.

“Imonggo gives me complete power over the sales and back hand management of these stocks even if I’m physically not present at the store. Imonggo integrates barcode scanning,  custom invoice printing stock management, online access and much more is why I would truly and easily prefer Imonggo over any other POS.”

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