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Hummingbird Nightwear

Hummingbird Nightwear may only be a small store, but it still recognizes the need for a good inventory system. This Indonesian clothing store may not have a huge number of SKUs, but they still need a software to manage their items.

Enter Imonggo. The eight-year-old web-based point-of-sale is a complete inventory solution for small businesses worldwide, so it is no wonder why this it was chosen by Hummingbird.

Hummingbird‘s Sam Cox believes Imonggo is perfect for their store. “We wanted a system that could handle our products in a simple way as we are a small business with a single retail outlet and multiple online channels,” Sam says.

Hummingbird Nightwear sells classic pajamas for ladies that were created by local dedicated tailors and designers. They sell their products mainly via e-commerce, but more traditional customers can visit their outlet in Bali.

Sam appreciates Imonggo’s simplicity. The automated product upload tool let them upload their item list quickly, so they were able to track the inventory immediately.

“Most of the other systems are too locked down or complicated. You certainly don’t need a manual to use Imonggo, as the interface is very intuitive.”

Sam also likes Imonggo’s other features, like inventory and invoice download.

“My favourite feature is the download button. I can update everything in the system, and when I need to do reporting, I can easily manage in Excel. With years of experience with Excel, I don’t have to learn a new system just for reporting,” Sam adds.

All these makes Sam think that Imonggo and Hummingbird are perfect partners for progress.

“Our business is growing, so we see Imonggo as a partnership that can scale with us. As we are more successful, we can onboard more instances of Imonggo to manage our inventory,” Sam concludes.

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