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AREA is a small wholesale/retail modern bedding company selling bedding, furniture, home-wares, and clothing. The New York-based store has been using Imonggo in 2010.

In 2016, AREA needed a deeper analysis of their inventory data with a comprehensive ERP software so, they utilized Imonggo’s API to make it work.

AREA’s Vanessa Chew explains, “We’re small but since we do both wholesale and retail (stores and e-commerce) and have multiple facilities managing our inventory gets complex. Thus we need to simplify and integrate our inventory process.”

Imonggo’s powerful API lets the point-of-sale connect with any system, whether e-commerce, payment gateway or business intelligence. Thus, the Imonggo API definitely lets AREA simplify their inventory.

Vanessa adds, “We aim to sync the inventory levels by passing all transactions (Sales, Returns, Exchanges, Receive from Supplier, Return to Supplier, Transfers, Adjustments, Physical Count – anything that affects inventory). We are currently doing this manually and it takes up too much of our time and leaves too much room for error and inconsistencies.”

AREA will be able to have a more efficient inventory process after the integration has been completed. All thanks to Imonggo’s API.

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