Store V4 is now equipped to take snapshots of transactions made on each computer. Using the Z Reading feature, store managers can now keep track of the beginning and ending invoice numbers, beginning amount sold on the terminal, sales quantity and amount, return quantity, and the amount and ending amount sold on the terminal. It also summarizes the total discount, layaways, amount per payment type and deposits collected.

To preview the Z Reading, click tools > Z Reading.


Click generate to finalize the Z Reading.


Once generated the cashier can print the Z Reading and submit to the store manager. This can serve as his end of day report.

All Z Readings generated can be viewed from the Office. Go to the office, click the reports tab, and select Readings. They can be filtered by terminal number and date. The terminal number or POS ID is found on the lower right of the main section of store v4.


Click the reference number of the Z reading to view the detailed information.



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