Top Businesses That Thrived During The Pandemic

COVID-19 has caused much havoc and brought about considerable change to many people’s lives and businesses. After more than a year, this pandemic has caused unprecedented losses to many companies worldwide.

At least one-fourth of companies saw their sales fall by 50%. Sales dropped 27% on average. Approximately 65% of businesses reduced hours, wages or granted leaves to workers. Still, many others had no recourse but to lay off people.

The good news is that despite the challenges, many companies in different industries have risen to the occasion, valiantly wading through unchartered waters to not only survive, but managed to thrive.

Delivery Services

Indeed we can say this – everything we need is just a click away. Thanks to delivery options that establishments offer intentionally. Same day delivery, Cash on delivery, Scheduled delivery just takes convenience to a whole new level.

Grocery Stores

Limited mobility and lockdowns have pushed people to stock up on supplies and essentials. Grocers, big or small, have benefitted from the demand.


People are hesitant to leave their homes at all, let alone go to hospitals and clinics. Because of this, many are opting to see their doctors online. Health concerns are now just a Facetime or Messenger away.

Home Economy

Individuals and households have activated their entrepreneurial spirit. Businesses such as prepared meals, desserts, crafts, clothing, online workshops – wellness or educational, and even live selling are


As social interaction decreases amid lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, people are engrossed to social media, virtual hangout systems, communication and video-streaming services. With more people learning, working and operating from home under the new normal, opportunities to venture on new solutions, games and applications is in full swing.

The silver lining in this pandemic is our nature to be resilient, don’t you think? It’s an ongoing testimony that we were built to constantly adapt and find ways to survive. We’ve done it before. So we can certainly do it again. Do you agree?

By the way, which business are you in now? Or which businesses are you keen to start? Comment below and let’s share ideas!