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Mother’s Day is a worldwide event where kids around the world celebrate their favorite parent (seriously). Smart entrepreneurs should know that this event is a boost to their businesses, so they should implement ways to steer the party to their stores.

But Mother’s Day is already this Sunday. Are you prepared? If not, here are three business ideas that you can implement quickly.

1. Make a gift guide.

Make a list of items that can be related to Mother’s Day. These may be items that mothers love, like luxurious soaps, perfume, body wash, chocolates or even heart-shaped pillows.

Then put these items on a specially-designed table or a shelf in your store, along with its retail prices. You can even sell each at a discount.

This display attracts customers to buy their gifts at your store. You may even offer a free gift-wrapping service to make it even more attractive.

2. Put up a dedication wall.

This one’s practical and easy to set up. You can attach a huge poster board on one of the walls of your store, and invite every customers to write their messages to their moms on it.

You can make it more fun by providing a variety of writing materials and stationery: differently-colored markers, crayons, highlighters and even post-it notes and double-sided tape, so customers can attach photos.

3. Increase foot traffic with a promo.

You can create a contest where everyone can participate. How about a selfie promo? It’s easy and effortless to do, so more customers can join.

Ask customers to take a selfie with their mom while in your store or while holding one of your products. Then tell them to upload the photos on your store’s Facebook page.

At the end of the promotion, choose one of the photos and give a reward that may be Mother’s Day-themed, like a trip to a spa, or special jewelry.

You can choose any of these ideas but you must remember that they won’t work if you forget to give it heart. After all, Mother’s Day should center on love so you should make your customers feel it. Sentimentality is the key.

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