Read on to find out the changes we’ve made

Social Media Sign Ups. Sign up to Imonggo with Facebook, Google or your Apple ID.

You can now create an Imonggo account with Google, Facebook or your Apple ID by simply clicking on the corresponding buttons in our login page.


View or Delete Product Photos in the Product Tab

If you want to change or remove your product’s photo, you may now delete your product’s photo easily in your product page.

See our article on how to delete your product photo in our Help Center.

Set Different Minimum and Maximum Quantity Threshold for Different Branches

You may have the same products in all your branches but different branches may not be able to carry the same quantities, we’ve got you covered with Imonggo’s new Branch Threshold feature.

Check out our article on how to set different minimum and maximum product quantities for selected branches to learn how.

Set Default Amount Buttons in Checkout

We want to help you make checkouts faster by introducing the default tenders feature. These default tenders can be set to correspond to the bills of your local currency. To learn how to set your default tenders, see our article on how to set default amount buttons in your checkout.

Improved Customer Page

Before this update, clicking on a customer in your Customers page will display a small customer modal. We’ve improved this to display the new Customer page, making editing and viewing customer information easier than ever before.

We hope you like these new improvements! Continue to check in with us to stay updated new releases.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment or chat with us anytime. We’d love to hear from you!