Here’s whats new with the Update 8.6 for Imonggo Web:

Social Logins

The biggest one is the addition of social logins. These allow new users to use their Facebook, Google or Apple accounts to create their Imonggo accounts. They can then login by clicking the related button at the login screen.


For security, PIN setup is required if you used social login to sign up.


Improvements to the Shopify integration

Second, we have improved the syncing of quantities between your Imonggo account and your Shopify account.

The quantity changes on Imonggo will automatically reflect on Shopify.

sync imonggo to shopify

The quantity changes in Shopify will also automatically reflect in Imonggo.

sync shopify to imonggo

Take note that a Physical Count document will automatically be generated to reflect the adjusted quantities in Shopify.

physical count shopify

There’s another notable change in this integration. We have made the initial setup easier by removing the need to set up the Shopify Webhook Token and Notifications.

Compositions Modal

Lastly, we have added a modal that lets you view or edit the saved components of a composition item.

What di you think of these changes? Sound off in the comments.