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Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that takes time and effort. It is a long-term play that pays off in the long run, but it requires patience in its early stages. Marketing experts use SEO best practices to grow their business. Among the proven methods that they use are the following:

  1. Use targeted keywords.

Before you can make a comprehensive SEO plan, you need to first understand your business inside out. Who is your target audience? What are the technical terminologies used in your field? How does a regular consumer search for products online? The answers to these questions are important because they will help you pinpoint the relevant keywords that you can use to build an online presence. The right keywords will bring you three steps closer to your targeted demographic.

  1. Create relevant content.

Masters of SEO have one striking thing in common: They understand the customer experience from beginning to end. They can devise relevant content by using words, situations, and ideas that appeal to consumers. SEO experts — indeed, marketing experts, in general— know what the customer is thinking even before he decides to buy a product. They know what words are more likely to hit the bull’s eye; they know what strategies to use, what methods to apply. In 500 words or more, they can write copy materials that can draw the consumers in and convert them into instant customers. Today, the power of content relentlessly envelops the world of online marketing, and you can drink your own share of this power if you’re patient enough to learn how things work from the very own masters of the field.

Masters of SEO have one striking thing in common: They understand the customer experience from beginning to end.

  1. Develop a link-building strategy.

Reputation is important in the cyber world, especially since it only takes a bad image to ruin everything that a business has built for years. Worse than a bad reputation, however, is no reputation at all. This is why companies are always trying to build a good image and then protect it with all their might. As SEO experts will tell you, one way to build a reputation is by developing a link-building strategy. When reputable websiteslink back to you, your authority in the eyes of search engines like Google will significantly increase. In turn, your page rank will go up and more people will be able to discover your products and services.

  1. Optimize each page according to search engine criteria.

Search engines have preferences. They examine page titles, meta descriptions, keywords, URLs, and descriptive texts in every page to see if a website is relevant and authoritative enough to deserve a page rank. When the search engine (Google, specifically) sees that you’re worthy to be indexed, it assigns you a page rank. Otherwise, it leaves you in a sea of unranked sites that have failed in the ultimate test. To improve your chances with search engines, study how highly-ranked sites use ALT tags, file names, meta descriptions, titles, and other SEO page elements. Also, one slightly helpful tip: Use dashes in your URLs instead of underscores. (PA)

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