Imonggo starts 2020 strong with Mesa, the new table management app for the iPad.

Mesa by Imonggo is a complementary app of the Imonggo POS app for the iPad. It empowers the users of the iPad app with features for restaurants.

Imonggo’s table management is truly novel. The table layout editing feature allows you to copy the full floor layout of your store. You can place tables on the screen. You can also put in “props,” static structures like pillars, walls and more.


Mimicking the layout of your restaurant’s tables is a brilliant feature for Mesa because it will let the cashier and the waiters quickly determine what order goes where.

Once the table layout is finalized, the waiter or the cashier can just tap on the table or the table list on the right side to take record orders.


You can tag the order as dine in or take out, then you can add how many diners will be seated at the table.

Clicking Proceed should show you the menu and will allow you to choose the items that the customers have ordered for their table.


You may notice that there are three icons in the item line: mesa-imonggo-status-icons

Tap the Prepare All button on the bottom-left of the screen to print the orders to your kitchen printer. This will make the printer icon turn green to indicate that it already happened.


Next, tap on the item line to see a list of options, including marking the item as already served. By doing so, the catering tray icon should turn green.



You can see in the screenshot above that you can mark every item as served individually. If an item is still not served after some time, you can tap the item line and tap the follow-up button. This request will print in the kitchen, so the waiters will be alerted. Then once the customer is ready to pay, you can tap the Bill out button to send the orders to Imonggo’s POS app.

Now go to the Imonggo POS for iPad app and tap the bills button to see the new bill that you have created.


You should see a list of open bills. Choose the correct one and tap the Add Orders button to list the items onto the invoice list.


You may then click the Bill button on the lower left of the screen to print a billing receipt that you can give to the customer for reference. Or print the Checkout button to finalize the transaction and print the official receipt.

Ready to try Mesa by Imonggo? We are giving away free three months of trial for our premium subscribers. Download it here:

Mesa by Imonggo

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