may update imonggo for ipad

The start of May brings good tidings for Philippine users of Imonggo’s iPad app. Here is the list of new stuff to be excited about:

Spot Check/Cash Collection Preview

Spot Check for Imonggo iPad

Managers now have the ability to see a preview of the X reading before it is printed. To see it, access the options from home and tap the new Spot Check button.

Spot Check button Imonggo iPad

On the next screen, you can enter the values like how you do a normal X reading. But instead of the Done button, you get a Preview button. This lets you see the X reading, without needing to print it yet.

Preview button Imonggo iPad

Expanded Other Payment Types

You may also notice from the above screenshot that the Other Payment Types section has been expanded to include all your payments types, even your custom ones. You may now hide your calculator and just input away.

Order Slip Printout

order slip imonggo ipad printing

The latest update also lets restaurant businesses to print order slips that will be printed alongside your receipt. The order can be given to the kitchen staff to prepare the order or given to the customer so they can claim their food.

To turn it on, go to the App Settings and turn on the Print Order Slip feature under Printer Settings.

print order slip imonggo ipad

Chat Support

You may now contact our chat support team thru the app. To start, tap the chat button on the lower-right of the home screen.

Chat button home Imonggo iPad

This will allow you to either access an old conversation, start a new one or find articles related to your query.

New conversation imonggo support ipad chat

It’s powered by Intercom, so you’re assured that you will get the best response quickly, worry-free.

chat support imonggo ipad

Things to note:

  • You may update your version by looking for the app in the App Store, then clicking the download or update button.

Imonggo App update button

  • Also, please make sure that you do the update before you start your first sale in the morning, or after you do your Z reading at night, to avoid any changes in your data within the middle of the day.

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