It’s important to track everything that costs your business money. That includes consumables e.g. coffee cups, paper bags, etc. Imonggo’s new feature, Composite products allows you to do that.

  1. Create a regular product for each component
  2. Set the inventory level of each component using Receive from Supplier, Adjustment In or Physical Count
  3. Create a composite product to combine each component into one product

Once you have created your composite product, each sale will reduce the components by the quantity set in the composite product. Using the low inventory filter, you can determine if its time to restock your items.

For Example:

composite products

  1. Create the the composite product with consumables as components
  2. Set the inventory level of each consumable. (Create an adjustment document – Receive from supplier, adjustment in or Physical Count)
  3. Sell your composite product
  4. Check the inventory of each component or consumable. It is reduced by the number of composite product sold multiplied by the component quantity set in step 1.
  5. Using the inventory dashboard you can now tell which item is overstocked and understocked. You can also use inventory list and filter by low inventory or over inventory