Click this link to learn how to create gift certificates in Imonggo.

You can record the redemption of a gift certificate via Imonggo Store page on the web browser or via the Imonggo for iPad point-of-sale app.

How to redeem gift certificates on the Imonggo Store on the web browser

When the customer mentions that they want to pay using a gift certificate, ask them to hand it to you so you can check the details.

  1. During the checkout, type the amount of the gift certificate on the Tender field.


2. Then highlight the Gift Cert payment type under Other.


3. The Gift Cert No field should appear. Type the GC No of the customer’s gift certificate in this field.


4. Click the Pay button to start the validation.


5. If successful, there should be a green alert at the bottom. Then if the gift certificate is not enough to pay off the whole invoice, it will be listed as a payment on the left side of the screen.


6. If you permit the customer to use as many gift certificates as they want, they can do so. Just repeat the steps above to add them in the list of payments.


A few notes

  • The gift certificate will all be used up even if the amount being purchased is lower than the amount of the gift certificate. Change will not be given to the customer.
  • Internet connection is required to validate the gift certificate.
  • The validation will check for the following:
    • Confirm that the gift certificate exists in the system and is still not redeemed or voided.
    • Confirm the actual amount of the gift certificate.
  • If the gift certificate’s GC No does not exist in the system, or if it has already been redeemed or voided, the Store should show an alert and the gift certificate will be rejected as a payment.
  • Imonggo allows you to accept more than one gift certificate in a transaction. But if you do not want that to happen, just make it a store policy that you only accept one gift certificate per transaction, and inform your cashier about this policy.
  • The gift certificate will only be officially redeemed once the invoice has been finalized. If you cancel the sales transaction before closing the sale, the gift certificates will continue to be valid.
  • When you void an invoice that was paid for using a gift certificate, the gift certificate will not be reactivated. It will still have the Redeemed status because the gift certificate would have already been received or defaced by the cashier. Please issue a new gift certificate with a new GC No. instead.

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