When a customer wants to return an item, the first thing you have to ask is if they can show you the original receipt that they received when they purchased the item. You need the reference number or the invoice number on the receipt to successfully record the return on Imonggo’s iPad point-of-sale app:

How to record the return transaction

For this example, we will return the item in the invoice below.


  1. First, add the item being returned onto the invoice list. Tap the item line to open the editing dialog.


2. Turn on the Return switch to make the transaction a return. Tap the Apply button, then tap Checkout to finalize the return transaction.


3. Enter the reason for return and the invoice number on the next dialog. Make sure that the invoice number is correct or the return won’t go through.


4. Once you click Proceed, the return receipt and the credit memo should be printed.


The credit memo shows how much credit the customer has earned. They can use this document to purchase another item in your store. Please take note that the credit memo is only valid to be used on the same day it was issued.

Using the credit memo

The credit memo can be used like a normal payment type.

  1. Add the item or items that the customer wants to buy onto the item list and tap the Checkout button.


2. Then pick Credit Memo as the payment type.


3. Pick the correct credit memo from the list. Not sure what credit memo to pick? Have the customer surrender the printed credit memo so you have a reference.


4. The credit memo will then be listed under the list of Payments Made. If the amount of the credit memo is not enough to pay for the whole transaction, you will be asked to choose another payment type to finalize the transaction.



5. After the transaction has been finalized, you should see in the invoice that it was paid using a credit memo.


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