Picture this: you notice that your store has low foot traffic. What if you can attract customers to your store by giving them deals on your products over a specific date period?

That’s easy to do on Imonggo via the Promotions module. Here’s how to do that.

Creating a promotion

  1. Go to Stockroom and go to the Promotions tab.


2. Click the Add Promotion button to create your first promotion.


3. Fill up the details for your promotion on the dialog that appeared.


4. Choose any name for this promotion, then type the amount of the discount that you want to give. Under Applies To, you can choose to apply the discount to all of your products or only to only specific items, chosen via tags.


For this example, we are choosing to give discounts to items with the tag ‘gadgets’. Take note that you can add as many tags as you want in this field.

5. After adding the tag or tags, you have to add the Start Date and End Date of the promotion. Include the time when it will start on the Start Date, and when it will end on the end date.


You can add remarks or leave it blank.

6. Save the promotion to see the details. The ‘A’ letter under Status means that the promotion is now active.


Applying the promotion

Since the promotion is active, every item you have with the tag ‘gadgets’ will automatically have a discount of 5% when added to the sale. For example, this Misfit Shine on the screenshot below.


The promotion will work when you make a sale on Imonggo’s store on the web browser.


The promotion will also work on the Imonggo for iPad point-of-sale app.


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