Pokemon Go is not going away anytime soon. In just a month, it had become the biggest US mobile game ever, with 20 million peak daily active users.

Big businesses worldwide are taking notice. Just this weekend, mall chains in Metro Manila in the Philippines held several lure parties. SM Mall of Asia even made a gigantic Pokeball display to mark the event.

What is a lure party? In Pokemon Go, you need to walk around to catch Pokemon, which pop up on the map occassionally. But if you don’t like to walk, you can use a lure on a given area so the Pokemon will come to you.

Lures can be purchased with real money from the app’s store page, then applied to a designated Pokestop. A Pokestop is a pre-set area on the map where players can get supplies.

Any Pokemon player can see what Pokestop have lures on them, so it attracts them to congregate around that area.


Ayala Malls announced several lure parties over the weekend.

There are businesses that swear on the effectiveness of lures. For example, a small ice cream shop in Washington was saved from closure because Pokemon players are attracted to the Pokestops in his area.

Are you interested to use Pokemon Go’s lures to improve your business? Here’s a few pointers:

  • You can only apply a lure onto a Pokestop, so you should install the app on your phone to see if there is one.
  • If there is no Pokestop, you can send a request to Niantic Labs.
  • A lure costs about $0.99 (it’s cheaper if you buy bulk), and it will work for 30 minutes.

Of course, the increase in foot traffic does not guarantee an increase in sales. You still have to entice them to enter your store and make a purchase.

Try to sell items that will interest travellers. Snacks and drinks are good bets. You can also have Pokemon-themed items like shirts or souvenirs. Just make sure that they fit your business so it does not seem out of place.

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