Imonggo’s 10th anniversary keeps on rolling as we officially switch support to Store v4, Imonggo’s latest point-of-sale Store iteration. Haven’t tried it yet? It’s better than Store v3 in every way. Here are the reasons why:

Faster Selling

Store v4 allows you to record your sales with intermittent or no internet connection. Sales are recorded in the browser database and will be uploaded to the web once you are connected to the internet.

Store v4 does not rely on the internet to look up data.  Searching for products and customers and creating sales are faster in Store v4 since the browser stores a local copy of these. 

Cash Management

Store V4 can record cash movements in the till. You can add (deposit) or remove (withdraw) cash and store v4 can give you a summary of cash on hand (Cash on hand = deposits + cash payments – withdrawals). These transactions are submitted to the web so you can view cash in store even when you are located elsewhere. To view cash transactions, go to Reports > Deposits and Withdrawals.

A typical example of this would be

  1. Deposit cash at the start of day for change money. $100
  2. Collect cash payments $500
  3. Withdraw money when a cashier’s shift is over. $500
  4. Cash on hand = $100 + $500 – $500 = $100

Z Reading

The Z Reading is a snapshot of transactions made on each store v4 installation. It can serve as an end of shift report per cashier. It records the following information since the last Z Reading was made.

  • Transaction Count
  • Starting and Ending Invoice Date and Reference
  • Beginning and Ending Amount
  • Sales Quantity and Amount
  • Return Quantity and Amount
  • Net Sales
  • Total Discounts
  • Payment Type Summary
  • Layaways Invoice Count and Amount
  • Layaway Deposits

Z Readings are uploaded to the web and can be viewed from the Reports section.

Store V4 uses current browser technology such as IndexedDB for the database and service workers for caching. Previous versions of Imonggo store such as Store v3 uses WebSQL for the database and Appcache for caching. These have been deprecated by browsers.

To learn more about how to use Z Readings click here

Because Store v4 is now our primary Store, we have stopped further development for Store v3. Please note that if you have any additional request for Store, they will be added to Store v4.

Not yet using Store v4? Ask us for help via chat and we will gladly help you get started.