While Imonggo premium is freaking awesome, it’s totally understandable why there are user who would want to go back to free. The business might be seasonal, or there might be a slowdown in sales. Whatever it is, you can go back to free any time by canceling your subscription.

But before you downgrade, there are several things that you have to consider:

  • You will lose access to premium features. One of them is the ability to download your inventory and invoices, so you might want to download them already before you downgrade so you would have offline records.
  • You may only create up to 1000 items in free, and you won’t anymore be able to create products or sell once you surpass this limit. Thus, you have to mindful of this when going from premium to free: there is no way for you to continue your business in free if you have already created more than 1000 products while you were in premium.
  • All your data remains intact even if you go from premium to free. The only difference would be access to that data. Free has a limit of only one branch, so if you have second, third (and so on) branches, their data will be inaccessible in free mode. You can only access the invoices and sales reports for your first branch.
  • Free also has a one-user limit, so your additional users won’t any more be able to log in. Only the account owner (the user that created the account) can log in.
  • Access to mobile apps is a bonus for premium subscribers. So if you go back to free, you won’t anymore be able to sell items through the Imonggo for iPad app, and you can’t view your sales data through Imonggo Sales Dashboard.

Still want to continue downgrading? Talk to us and we’ll help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

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