Pre Father's Day

The National Retail Federation projects Father’s Day 2016 spending to reach $14.3 billion – the highest to date. While the holiday has never had the same impact on sales as Mother’s Day, which was projected at 21.4 billion last month, it remains as a great opportunity to engage customers and drive sales.

Now, while selling socks and ties (even if you work at a juice bar) is a great strategy, here are a few ways Imonggo’s point-of-sale can help you prepare for Father’s Day 2016.

Curate a selection of recommended items to help provide customers with more gift options (other than socks and ties), and to remind them that Father’s Day is fast-approaching. Then, incentivize customers by creating special discounts and promotions for these select items. You can even create a new category for these items for faster checkout.

Membership programs that offer rewards points for purchases help create greater value for existing customers and attracts new customers in the process. Offer additional rewards points for Father’s Day purchases to help promote customer acquisition and repeat business.

Once your discounts, promotions and rewards have been set, contact your valued customers to let then know why they should visit your store this Father’s Day. Contacting customers is a great way to ensure your marketing efforts are not limited to your store (or street), and helps guarantee more business on that day.

Use Imonggo’s point-of-sale this Father’s Day 2016 to help grow your business, and show our appreciation for one our nearest and dearest. Sign up for Imonggo premium today.