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One of the first things that customers see on your retail store is the store signage. Good impressions are important, and a well-made store signage may be what you need to have a lot of foot traffic for your business.

But how can you create an eye-catching sign that would surely be beneficial to you? Here are four tips.

1. Check restrictions in your area. It does not make sense to start planning when you don’t know what restrictions are for signages in your area. Check if the local government has a building code, and check with if the owner of your building (if you are renting the place) has rules on what types of signs you can put up.

For example, zoning laws in New York heavily restrict illuminated signs in residential areas. There are also height, size and placement restrictions that you should be aware of.

2. Know the purpose of the sign. You have to know the exact reason why you want to put up the sign. Do you want to attract attention? Then an illuminated sign may be appropriate. Do you want to convey information? Then you may consider using a digital sign.

A digital signage also allows you to save money in the long run because you can easily change the information on the sign when you need to. If the signage was printed, you need to spend on reprinting and reinstallation.

3. Make it pretty, but keep it readable. It’s understandable that you want your sign to be pretty so it can stand out. You have to remember, however, that customers should still be able to read your sign.

Make sure that the letters are large enough so that the sign can be read from a distance. You can also choose fancy fonts, but make sure that they are not hard to read.

4. Don’t rush. You may have already seen a viral photo of signs gone wrong, and it may have produced a few chuckles. Remember, though that this horror story may happen to your business if you are not careful in the production of your sign.

Make sure that you are on top of the production process, from concept, to design and to the execution so that you are sure that nothing goes wrong. It also helps if you can ask someone to help you so that there is another editing eye that can spot mistakes.

Taking your time also lets you consider all the asp[ects of your signage, so you change the aspects that you don’t like. This is important because you might be stuck with your chosen sign for months or even years.

Whatever happens, please remember that the signage should attract customers to your store. Once it’s up, perhaps you can ask some of your loyal patrons if they like the sign. This way you can confirm if it works for your business.

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