So what’s exciting about summer? It’s the time to finally go on memorable adventures, after months of being cooped up in the house due to the cold weather. Many people will be out and about, and not mind the sweltering heat.

This is good for your business. If your store is summer-ready, many of those people will enter your store if they get tired of the sun. Make sure to catch this potential increase in foot traffic by following these tips:

  • Keep it cool: No one wants to shop in a sauna. Make sure that your store will stay cool by checking the airconditioner. You can start by cleaning it and changing the filters.
  • Design for the season: One surefire way to attract potential customers to walk to your store is to create an attractive window display. Make them feel the season by presenting summer themes like lounging at the beach or sailing the vast seas. Need more tips? Click here.
  • Paint for the sun: Another way to make your store attractive is to paint its walls with bright colors like yellow, which inspires warmth, or red, which gives a feeling of urgency. Click here to know what color can do for your store.
  • Stock up on refreshments: One easy way to rake in profit is to carry in-demand items during the summer. Make sure that that they are easy to find so customers can easily pick it up. For example, you can bring the cooler nearer to the counter so customer can quickly get drinks. Or how about stocking a shelf near the front of the store with sunscreen, paper fans, hats and sunglasses? That sounds like a hit.
  • Get ready to clean: The uptick in foot traffic will increase the likelihood of a messy store. That’s a guarantee. People walking from the beach will bring in sand onto your floor. Sweat will be shed. Always be ready with a broom, a mop, a rag with Windex–anything to keep your store clean.

Lastly, be sure that you keep the atmosphere fun. Summer is about positive feelings, so never lose your smile.