One fool-proof way to grow your business is to offer discounts to your loyal customers. Fortunately, this is available in Imonggo point-of-sale so you can use it for your store.

Previously, it can only be applied on Imonggo’s web store. Now, with the release of Imonggo for iPad POS’s latest version, it can now be used on mobile too.

To use it, you have to set up a discount group. Click this link to learn how to create a discount membership group in Imonggo and add customers to it as members.

Shown below is a sample discount membership group called Discounts Gold, that gives every member a 20% discount for every purchase:


Note that the customer named Anita Huggins is a member of Discounts Gold.


The discount will be applied when you add the customer to the sales transaction on the iPad point-of-sale.


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