We first met Terrariet Vissenbjerg in 2015. We lauded this zoo in the heart of Denmark for its conservation efforts–its primary aim is to give a home to endangered reptiles, the least loved species of animals on the planet.

And we were more than happy to help out. We sponsored Terrariet’s premium account so they can use Imonggo’s advanced features in their souvenir shop. Through Imonggo, the zoo’s visitors can purchase one-of-a-kind trinkets and books that will inspire them to love the environment.


Imonggo on Terrariet’s sponsorship wall.

So now, we’ve got an update: Terrariet has gone the extra way in influencing their fans, by implementing Imonggo’s powerful loyalty feature.

“We just started to use the costumer membership feature in connection with our annual pass holders.With this feature we can keep track on who and how many visitors we have on each individual annual pass,” says Morten Jorgensen, the zoo’s director. 

The annual pass gives their customers an automatic discount when they visit.

Morten adds, “Our annual pass members get 10% discount on souvenirs, café items and additional admission tickets to other family member. This is automatically applied to their purchases when their membership card is scanned. So this is a great add-on tool for our zoo.”

The membership also comes with a cool loyalty card that zoo-goers can keep as a memento.


 What do you think of Terrariet’s loyalty program? Do you have one for your store? Show us your loyalty cards and we’ll be happy to feature you on this blog.

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