Cayotic Motorsports is the epitome of cool. The motorsports company in the sunny Cayman Islands has great branding, superior products and friendly staff. Even just their Instagram page oozes awesome.


They even have a dog

Mark Cummings is the savvy entrepreneur behind Cayotic Motorsports. Last year, he saw the need for a local company that will support the growing motorsports industry on the island.

Mark has injected his fun-loving personality to Cayotic. He wants to keep the young company to stay hip.

“We like to stay on the cutting edge and like to have all the cool products. We hope to kept it that way and we never settle at mediocre! We are always trying to be different,” he says.

This passion for life infects Cayotic’s team and that extends to the customers.

Mark adds, “We ourselves love the industry we work in and are very passionate about what we do. Our customer base is small but growing, so we try to personalize our services as much as possible. Giving each customer their own personalized experience is very important to us, that way we gain our customers trust and start a bond. I guess that’s why our customers keep coming back!”

How Imonggo helps

Mark has chosen Imonggo’s iPad app to help run Cayotic, and he stands by how effective it is.

“It is super easy to make sales receipts for my cash sales. Inventory is a breeze to add and basically manages it self though the software,” he says.

He also like that he’s not tied to the counter. He can bring the iPad point-of-sale to the customer at any part of the store, cultivating a friendlier atmosphere and better customer service.


Mark adds, “I started using Imonggo in November of 2016 and it has helped my business grow and expand. I really liked all the features and how user friendly it is.”

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