Notice anything new on the home page of Imonggo’s iPad app? It’s quite a monumental change, so read carefully.

In the coming version to be released in two weeks, we are moving the options button—the one where you can access X reading, Z reading, cash management and other actions—to inside the Store page.


Clicking this button will show the following actions: x-reading, z-reading, spot check, cash management and open cash register.


When you fulfill an X-reading or Z-reading, the store will be closed and you will not be allowed to make new sales transactions. You have to tap the Open Store button to log in again so you can make new sales transactions.


But why?

Now, you might be asking why this update was done. Simple. How many times have you finished an X or Z-reading to close your store, only to realize that you want to see a report? You have to log in again just to do that.

With this update, you can check the report even without logging in. The X and Z-reading will only close the Store page, and you can still go to the Stockroom, Office Home and Settings pages.

What happens to the old button in the Home page? It is now a sole button to access Reports like Void/Return, PWD, SC and Electronic Journal.


Have any questions? Please send us a message so we can help.

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