This year, Earth Day falls on a Saturday. So this weekend, take a little time to reflect on how to make the environment a little better for everyone. These efforts need not be monumental; you can do little things that would lead to a lasting positive effect. The world will thank you.

Here are some examples:

  • Encourage customers to use reusable bags – Shops all over the world are switching from plastic to paper bags, but science does not seem to agree that paper is more environmentally-friendly than plastic. In fact, it might even be worse. The best option is to encourage your customers to bring their own bags. Or you can sell reusable bags with your logo on them.
  • Stop printing receipts – Receipts are not insignificant. In fact, it is estimated that printing receipts produces 1.5 billion pounds of waste in the U.S. every year. You can reduce that huge footprint by offering the option to email the receipt to the customer instead of printing it. Click this link to know how to do that in Imonggo.
  • Make disposable an option – If you sell takeout food items, it is the norm for you to provide disposable utensils in the bag. But it can be a probability that the customer won’t use it (for example, if they will eat at home and will use metal cutlery instead), and if this is true, then the plastic spoon and fork just goes straight into the trash. Why not make it an option for them to refuse? Your environmentally-conscious customers will praise you.
  • Do a store inspection – Finally, you can go around your store to see if you can optimize it’s eco friendliness. Is there a leaky faucet that you should fix in the break room? Is there a flickering light bulb that you should replace? Is there a broken window that’s letting the heating or the aircon out? A simple store inspection will do wonders.

Do you have other tips to help the Earth get some love? Share it to us in the comments.

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