Motherhood has always been deemed as a full time job that has to be taken seriously. It is a balance between compassion and being strict, nurturing and taking risks, organization within constant change. These traits resemble the essentials in sustaining a good point-of-sale solution. Thus, setting mothers as a good example in the industry.


Mothers are used to managing a million different things at the same time. They are constantly setting schedules, budget and multi-tasking along the way. This is also true that your point-of-sale system should be able to manage all information that are being created. This is vital to keep your business on track


Mothers know everything thats going on in the house and everything that has to be done like the back of their hands. They know what needs to be fixed, replaced, changed or refilled. As for your POS, it should be able to declare relevant reports and data when needed.


Mothers know exactly what to do in time of crisis. You may call it mothers instincts, but they never fail. Just like them, your POS should have an intuitive design built so when theres a problem, it would be easy to trace your steps back and find out how to fix the crisis.


Mom is always going to be there. Every child can testify to this. Obviously, your point-of-sale solution should have a way to be able to cater to their customers at all times. Support has to be accessible in every possible way.


A mothers love knows no bound. She will love her family until the end of time, and nothing will ever change that. A POSs purpose is to meet the needs of its clients and to make sure that they are always kept satisfied. A POS solution, just like mothers, will take that extra step to meet their clients every need and adapt to the changes within those needs.

Here at Imonggo, we recognize those traits and make sure we treat each customer with the same care as a mother would her child. Support along with quality performance is our top priority to be able to nurture our clients businesses to grow successfully.

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